Welcome to the 32nd Servas International Conference and General Assembly - SICOGA 2022

SICOGA 2022 – In Person Registrations Closed

Dear Servas Members,

On June 17th 2022, a letter was sent to all Servas National Secretaries to be shared with their Group members, inviting members to joint the 32nd Servas International Conference and General Assembly (SICOGA 2022) in India.

At the same time, information about the SICOGA 2022 event was published on the Servas www.servas.org web site, under ‘Community’, ‘International Conferences’, SICOGA 2022.

Many international members require a Conference Visa which requires political clearance documentation. To allow time for this process and final visa applications, registrations have been closed as of August 15th.

SICOGA Virtual Attendance Registrations are open until September 15th.

For members who have missed the in-person registration or who have chosen not to attend in person, participation in SICOGA 2022 virtually is available. Details and the link to register virtually are at: https://www.servas.org/en/sicoga2022/Virtual

Thank you for your interest in the conference.

Jonny Sågänger
SI President president@servas.org


The information below is from the time registrations were open !

  • SICOGA 2022 is a joint venture organized by SI Exco and Servas India with the support of the SICOGA 2022 Organizing Team.
  • The conference will be held about 111 Km from Pune, at the Initiatives of Change Asia Plateau Conference Centre, Panchgani, India from 22nd to 28th November 2022.
  • For any additional information related to the Conference, the General Assembly and travelling in India, you may also visit the SICOGA 2022 web page
  • In case of any question, please contact the organizing team at sicoga2022@servas.org
  • Before registering it is recommended to learn about the Terms & Conditions for attending SICOGA 2022 in person

I whole-heartedly welcome you to this important meeting, looking forward to meeting you there in November!
Jonny Sågänger SI President
On behalf of: SI EXCO, Servas India, SICOGA 2022 Organizing Team